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       Fake Grass Guys has been developed by a highly experiences team and Individuals in the Artificial Grass Industry.

         Our experience has shown us quality and product price go hand-in-hand.

    We have decided to offer high end and low end products to meet almost any budget.

         Our pricing will be based on the volume of each order and monthly volume ordered by each client per month.


When we decided to open Fake Grass Guys, we chose to be part of the Global Market.

We will have “American Made” and “Foreign” Products. The foreign products are from Higher Quality Plants and outside of China where we have more consistent standards.

Our clients will benefit from our choice of manufacturing processes and products. We will carry fewer products for higher volume pricing from our suppliers. We find no need to carry more than 3 to 5 products for landscape and pets plus on additional 3 products for golf, this boils down Higher Quality for a lower price.

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We produce a 100% American-made product for our customers and help build our U.S. economy by creating jobs in America. We manufacture our own turf and DO NOT sell foreign products.


2908 Rubidoux Blvd, Riverside, CA 92509
Phone: 951-833-4449

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